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Danger! Danger!

Posted in sdif by A on 21 October 08

Via a friend in England, I bring you the new poster for SDIF.


A narrow difference is still a difference

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Power, Politics, and Public Opinion: Noam Chomsky on the current election cycle. [via]

Read Before You Write

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Joanne McNeil, of the wonderful Tomorrow Museum, has a great post about how the the rise of the iPhone, Kindle, and tablet PC’s might ultimately lead to a smarter commentariat.



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NYT profile of Luis Soriano’s Biblioburro project in northern Colombia.

Every weekend, Mr. Soriano packs up as many books from his collection of more than 4,800 as his two donkeys – Alfa and Beto – can handle. He then embarks on short journeys to nearby villages as a make-shift bookmobile, distributing books and news to disconnected rural populations. He undertook the project hoping to inspire change in the violent landscape that surrounded him, and has continued after the violence has subsided.

From the article:

“This began as a necessity; then it became an obligation; and after that a custom,” he explained, squinting at the hills undulating into the horizon. “Now,” he said, “it is an institution.”

How awesome is this guy? Mr. Soriano’s Biblioburro project is what we at SDIF would like to call “totally heroic.”

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Nevermind the Bollocks

Posted in net neutrality, policy by A on 29 May 08

Island of Lost WebVids

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Lord, Help the Poor and Creative

Posted in copyright, music by A on 15 April 08

Public Knowledge has a great discussion of the copyright challenges facing musicians today given the begged, borrowed, and stolen traditions of many musical genres, like African-American folk/blues music.

Shift Your Focus

Posted in internets, policy by A on 9 April 08

Is Europe the new internet policy epicenter? Some think so.

With stories like this one piling up daily, we’re inclined to agree. As Susan Crawford notes, Europe seems to actively consider a lot of the topics we take for granted.

Kriegspiel IP Drama

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The Revolution will be Litigated. [via] [via]

The above article covers the IP battle over Guy Debord’s chess-like Kriegspiel game.

Libraries and Copyright

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