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Google Latitude: The Loneliest Place on Earth

Posted in privacy, social networking, surveillance by A on 8 February 09


I got on board with Google’s Latitude shortly after its unveiling last week. I was curious on two fronts, 1) to see what kind of privacy mess it could be and 2) to see what kind of utility a location-based social media app might have for my life. After a few days of playing around it seems I’ve (mostly) had my curiosities satisfied…


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Obama, YouTube, and Privacy

Posted in politics, privacy, social networking, surveillance by A on 8 December 08

You know how Obama is “bringin’ it to the people” via those Fireside Chat 2.0 things on YouTube? Well, besides it maybe kind of sort of being totally unfair (the addresses are uploaded to YouTube, MSN, and Yahoo!, giving smaller video hosting sights no respect and also placing the burden of bandwidth onto, mostly, YouTube, as the video on the site is embedded from there), it also presents some major privacy risks…


Facebook Photos Privacy Loophole

Posted in privacy, social networking by A on 23 October 08

Remember last spring when anyone who was up to two degrees away from Paris Hilton on Facebook could look through her photo albums? All it took was knowing someone who was tagged in a photo in any given album, and you had access to the entire album – not simply the one photo your friend was in. Well, it’s still an issue!